10 Examples Where the U.S. Has Supported Leaders Who Violate Human Rights

Our leaders should be judged by their actions, not intentions.

Ed Newman
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If you’re a Baby Boomer, you’ve been told all your life to be proud of your country. And yet, when I look at our track record, it hardly aligns with the values we claim we believe and desire to promulgate.

My career in advertising, marketing and PR has taught me a few things. One of them is that PR isn’t just words. It’s your actions that show others what you are about and what you believe.

In the global marketplace of ideas, we claim to be all about freedom and democracy. Sadly, our words ring hollow when compared to our deeds. Call it what you will, empty rhetoric or propaganda, it’s all the same thing.

I am not anti-American. I’m just a little jaded about what this nation has become over the course of my lifetime.

Yes, I realize that these stains didn’t begin after World War II. I’m all too familiar with the Trail of Tears, slavery, the eugenics movement, “Manifest Destiny” and our other sins. Americans are still convinced they’re the best. We’ve drunk the Kool-Aid and wear rose-colored glasses.

All of the above is painted with a broad brush using latex generalities as paint. To make it more specific I asked ChatGPT, “Can you give me ten examples of where the U.S. has supported leaders who violate human rights or countries that ignore democracy?”

Here is the bot’s reply:

Yes, here are ten examples of where the U.S. has supported leaders who violate human rights or countries that ignore democracy:

  1. Augusto Pinochet: The U.S. supported the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, who came to power in a violent coup in 1973. Pinochet’s regime was marked by widespread human rights abuses, including torture, disappearances, and executions.
  2. Saddam Hussein: The U.S. provided military and economic support to Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq during the 1980s, despite its well-documented human rights abuses, including the use of chemical weapons against civilians.
  3. Nicolae Ceaușescu: The U.S. supported the…



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