14 Things That Caught My Attention Recently

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  1. Time Magazine began publishing in 1927. Charles Lindbergh was Time’s first “Man of the Year.”
  2. 2. In the 1920’s there were four to six million members of the Ku Klux Klan in the U.S. depending on your sources. Today there are 3,000 members.

3. 40% of all births in U.S. now occur outside of wedlock, up from 10% in 1970. Source: DNT

4. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

5. There’s a shrinking of the world’s population coming as women’s fertility rates decline.

6. Some people speak only after they know what they want to say. Other’s talk in order to figure out what they are trying to say. No wonder the former sometimes misunderstands the latter.

7. The actual length of a day is 23 hours 56 minutes and four seconds. Over a period of four years these increments are assembled to create the leap year adjustment known as February 29th. (To be absolutely precise there are also occasional “leap seconds” added periodically to keep things tidy. I’d bet you didn’t know that.)

8. A board foot is a unit of volume for measuring lumber. Bored feet is what you get when you’re not dancing.

9. Which is faster, a glacier or a snail. You may be surprised. (Details here.) For the record, slower than both is a piece of legislation working its way through congress.

10. Earlier this year a woman who lost her ear in a car accident had it replaced in an unusual manner. An Army doctor grew a new ear on her forearm and successfully transplanted it to the side of her head where the former ear used to be. (Story here.)

11. When Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic his total flight time was 33 hours, 30 minutes, 29.8 seconds. Foolishly, instead of sleeping before staying awake that long Lindbergh chose to go see a Broadway play. From his last nap to his landing in France he had not slept in 55 hours. When was the last time you stayed awake for 24 hours? 48 hours anyone?

12. Amazon decided to create two new headquarters out east. Not hard to quibble with their decision. They are seeking to fill 50,000 high-paying positions. They’d be hard-pressed to find them in Duluth.

13. I just finished an article titled Five Reasons People Hate Advertising which will appear in the December issue of Business North.

14. Do you remember how the Beatles’ cartoon film Yellow Submarine ended? Ringo, I believe, says, “I’ve got a hole in me pocket.” He’d evidently picked it up from the Sea of Holes earlier in the film. With that, I believe it’s time to start our day. Make it a good one.

Originally published at pioneerproductions.blogspot.com on November 15, 2018.

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