21 Questions: Dylan Fest Trivia 2019

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Illustration by Kristi Abbott

Well, it’s official. I lost my job as the creator of the Duluth Dylan Fest Trivia Contest. Evidently, and I was warned repeatedly, my questions were too hard.

Oh well. My view was that the Trivia Contest could serve as a way to learn more things about Bob. Even if you didn’t know the answers, by playing you could learn things. What follows are 21 questions I’d prepared for this year’s Duluth Dylan Fest.

1. Which Author Does Not Yet Have a Book in Print About Bob Dylan?

a. Harvard Professor Richard F. Thomas
b. Duluth Blogger Ed Newman
c. Rolling Stone Music Critic Greil Marcus
d. Horror Fiction Writer Stephen King

2. Since the beginning of the Never-Ending-Tour Dylan has averaged how many concerts per year?

a. 31
b. 131
c. 81
d. 100

3. What did Dylan say publicly after he survived his health crisis in 1997?

a. “Thank you, Jesus.”
b. “I almost saw Elvis.”
c. “When in Rome do as the Romans do.”
d. “I may have to cancel tonight’s show.”

4. What nationality is Bob Dylan?

a. Half Jewish, Half German
b. Half Jewish, One-Fourth Italian, One-Fourth Spanish
c. Half Jewish, One-Fourth Lithuanian, One-Fourth Mixed
d. Half Jewish, and the other half Jewish

5. Dylan’s father, Abe Zimmerman was a graduate from Central High School in Duluth in 1929. He especially liked baseball, basketball and golf. He used to golf at both the Enger and Lester River Golf Courses. Why didn’t he golf at the Northland Country Club?

a. It was too expensive.
b. It was too challenging.
c. It was anti-Semitic.
d. He could never get a tee time.

6. In 1964 Dylan wrote a piece of prose titled 11 Outlined Epitaphs in which he recalls a number of features from his early memories of Duluth. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in 11 Outlined Epitaphs?

a. The honkin’ foghorns
b. The blinking lighthouse
c. The rainy mist
d. The rocky cliffs

7. What sign of the Zodiac is Bob Dylan?

a. Capricorn
b. Virgo
c. Gemini
d. Cancer

8. There were four movie theaters owned in part by Robert Zimmerman’s uncles. The young Bobby Zimmerman enjoyed going to the movies, and later wrote a song called Brownsville Girl that references Gregory Peck. What Gregory Peck movie does this song refer to, which young Dylan undoubtedly saw.

a. The Paradine Case
b. The Gunfighter
c. Moby Dick
d. To Kill a Mockingbird

9. How old was Bobby Zimmerman when his family moved from Duluth’s Central Hillside to the one-industry union town of Hibbing?

a. 8
b. 7
c. 6
d. 5

10. In the late 40s when the Zimmermans were settled in Hibbing, the leading cause of death for people ages 15 to 44 was….

a. Guns
b. Polio
c. Tuberculosis
d. Flu

11. Which artist has NOT been recorded performing Buddy Holly’s song “Not Fade Away”?

a. Rolling Stones
b. Johnny Mathis
c. Bob Dylan
d. Grateful Dead

12. The most recent Bootleg Series is titled More Blood, More Tracks. Which features outtakes from Blood on the Tracks. Which of these songs from that album did not get recorded in Minnesota?

a. Tangled Up In Blue
b. Idiot Wind
c. Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts
d. Simple Twist of Fate

13. Which of the following artists did NOT do a cover version of Dylan’s “If Not For You” from his album New Morning?

a. Sarah Vaughn
b. George Harrison
c. Elton John
d. Olivia Newton-John

14. What was the name of the Hibbing High School Yearbook when Bobby Zimmerman was in school there?

a. The Parasite
b. The Hematite
c. The Hermaphrodite
d. The Anthracite

15. Which of these characters was in the song Desolation Row?

a. Louis the King
b. T.S. Eliot
c. Mack the Finger
d. Georgia Sam

16. In what Blonde On Blonde song will you find the line, “Jewels and binoculars hang from the head of the mule.”

a. To Ramona
b. Fourth Time Around
c. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
d. Visions of Johanna

17. The civil rights protest song “Only a Pawn in their Game” is about the murder of what important civil rights leader?

a. Emmett Till
b. Medgar Evers
c. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
d. Malcolm X

18. In which album from Dylan’s Gospel Trilogy period did the song Dead Man, Dead Man appear?

a. Slow Train Coming
b. Saved
c. Shot of Love
d. World Gone Wrong

19. The album Greatest Hits Volume 3 selected which song from Dylan’s album Blood on the Tracks?

a. Tangled Up In Blue
b. Hurricane
c. Changing of the Guard
d. Ring Them Bells

20. Which song from Greatest Hits Volume 3 is also the title of the album it appears on?

a. Silvio
b. Knocked Out Loaded
c. Jokerman
d. Under the Red Sky

21. To find the schedule for this year’s 2019 Duluth Dylan Fest, you should go to what website?

a. BobDylan.com
b. BobDylanWay.com
c. BobLinks.com
d. Highway61Revisited.com


Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? With the exception of question one and maybe 10, most answers can be found online fairly easily. The answer to question one is d, Stephen King. The answer to question ten is c, tuberculosis.

Originally published at pioneerproductions.blogspot.com on March 30, 2019.

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