A New Cable Network Devoted to Advertising: The Ad Channel! Whatcha Think?

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” — Leo Burnett

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  1. Oldies Hour, featuring television commercials from the 40s and 50s.
  2. 60s and 70s commercials.
  3. 80s and 90s commercials
  4. Car Commercials. A DVD could be used in schools to teach the history of the automobile.
  5. Banned Commercials. Commercials that went a little too far.
  6. European Beer Commercials.
  7. European Oldies Hour.
  8. European Commercials Banned in the USA.
  9. A program about the ad agencies that made the commercials.
    Week One: The Marlboro Man and Leo Burnett International
  10. One of the programs could feature a host, seated by a fireside, looking spiff, who introduces commercials one at a time, telling details about the making of each, the duration of the spot, etc. One week could be about famous people who starred in TV commercials. Orson Welles, for example.
  11. Movie Trailers. We can show current, recent and past trailers. This program could also have some kind of talking heads who provide stats on how effective the trailers were at filling seats on opening weekend. Maybe that show could be called Box Office. Or maybe you’ve got a better name, I’m open.
  12. Maybe a show in which teams compete to come up with the best commercial for a new product. People who lose get fired. (Oh, has something like that already been done?)
  13. What about a show in which people are selected to get an inside look at how commercials are made on Madison Avenue. Modern, not nostalgic. “Making Commercials With The Stars.”
  14. How about a show devoted to advertising before there was television? It could be a history of print advertising from 1900 to the Present.
  15. “Scandals” might make an entertaining segment. I am referring to advertising related scandals, not the Jimmy Swaggert kind. Here are a few, and there are plenty more.
  16. And finally, perhaps a curated program called The Clown Show in which we feature political ads from the past. 60 years of political advertising from local to national. There’s a whole dumpster full of these stored somewhere, I’m sure.

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