A Rude Awakening is Coming. Will It Be for Trump’s Supporters or Biden’s ?

Disappointment: the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations to manifest.

Yesterday my Medium feed (recommended reads) included a story titled A Rude Awakening is Coming for Trump and His Supporters. Now generally I don’t have time to read everything that gets sent to me. Nevertheless, some things do catch my eye. The article essentially outlines all the reasons this author believes a Biden/Harris landslide is coming. More interesting to me, however, was reading the comments that followed.

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The 5-minute read explains why Trump and his zealous followers will soon be facing the biggest disillusionment of their lives.

After reading half the comments, I thought it might be fun to play off the title of Frank Lucacovic’s essay because the confidence on both sides seems to be so strong that it will indeed be a rude awakening for one team or the other when this thing is over.

Here are some of the comments, extracted from over 130 attached to the original piece. You can read the whole article here first if you prefer, or start with these excerpts. Or skip these excerpts and read the growing river of responses there if you like.

What’s interesting to me is hearing people on both sides talk about this election as if it won’t even be close. That may be the biggest surprise for some. My own personal fear is that whoever wins, the results will be disputed.


I appreciate your confidence but you may have overlooked two key factors. Many Trump supporters are either shy in their political opinions, or outright lie to pollsters for fun. This factor will decide many of the swing states that Democrats think are in the bag.

Your wishful thinking lost me in sentence two — which contains two parts pure opinion and one fact.

For the coming Biden landslide you describe to be true, we’d be on the verge of a 1984-style Reagan win. Not even close — Reagan had momentum, near hysteria — he could draw 10k to small towns in blue states. Biden can’t draw his entire family to an event.

Like recent past, this will be a tight election decided by one or two states.

The early voting numbers seem to be muxh stronger with Republicans than Democrats, so I think you may be surprised there.

Proclaiming victory 2 weeks before the election is just not smart. But, please, go ahead.

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As a mere observer from the other side of the pond, I find this piece and the comments on it a bit depressing — because so predictable and emotive. A word like ‘evil’ should be weighed very carefully and to dismiss all your President’s followers as ‘ignorant and selfish’ shows a huge contempt for those who think and feel otherwise. And no, I’m not a Trump fan!

Much as I dislike Trump and all he stands for, right now, after Giuliani’s latest revelations regarding the contents of Hunter Biden’s hard drive, I wouldn’t put a cent on Biden winning. Neither he nor his family deserve to be near the White House any more than the Trumps do. US politics is one giant swamp.

Biden is corrupt, senile and a patsy for the elites who lost control when Trump came in and messed up their swamp.

The Biden family along with many politicians on both sides are deeply financed by foreign interests and I don’t think Americans want to go back on the plantation.

There is no energy in Biden or the so-called democratic platform that is consistently veering further left and offering nothing but hate and fearmongering.

Remember what the talking points were in 16? WW3 is coming and NATO will fall apart, bla. bla.. and now NATO is stronger than ever, North Korea and Islamic State are pacified. There are peace deals being made with Israel and Arab nations. China has lost its grip. US is energy independent. Pedofile rings and human trafficking being unraveled like never before.

The screeching leftists have the microphone and are supported by mainstream media and big corrupt money. But they don’t stand a chance against the calm and thoughtfull people who still are the majority and will decide the vote.

I wonder if this was written before or after the bombshell news about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the implications of corruption it portrays for Joe Biden.

Trump is going to win … in a landslide. The Biden-Harris ticket is the weakest in the history of presidential elections. See you in two weeks.

Frank I pray you are correct but I fear you are placing too much faith in polling numbers. Almost all political polling in the past 50 years has leaned heavily on telephone polling. We have reached a time where the overwhelming number of households no longer own a home phone and even among those with a home phone it is there for emergencies and rarely if ever gets answered for fear of telemarketers. A good number of those who just use cell phones also don’t answer if they don’t know who it is or they will let it go to voice mail and return the call if it is someone they actually do know. Additionally, one of the strongest parts of Trump’s base is white males without a college degree. From the research I have done, it is a demographic almost impossible to quantify in polling data and they will come out heavily for Trump.

This article, and others in mainstream media, is truly remarkable. EVERYTHING TRUMP DOES IS WRONG AND EVERYTHING BIDEN DOES IN RIGHT!! Remarkable indeed. Biden does not even have to campaign and he will win. In other words, the media elites who graduated from Ivy league schools and other universities are so much smarter than the average American, they will effectively pick the president for the people and tell them which box to tick. The strategy? Constantly report negative news on the guy they don’t like, suppress and hide the bad news about the guy they like. Do this constantly, day in day out for 3-years, and then say the voters chose. By the way, any voter of public figure who strays from that narrative should be cancelled. That is the cesspool of pathology that palms itself of for American journalism as they lecture China and Russia about freedom of the press and propaganda. I haven’t even dealt with the world’s number one propaganda and indoctrination machine-Hollywood.

You realize Clinton was up more vs Biden in swing states last election and Trump won. You also realize nbc and wsj polls in 2016 also had clinton at +11 in same first half of October time period. Common sense says just look at turn out and parades for Trump.

It’s stunning how many people still feel that the spoiled man-child currently sitting in the Oval Office is acceptable to be the leader of this nation. Really? He’s an incompetent embarrassment, a narcissist and a liar. Only the wealthy seeking tax breaks and those who would aspire to be like him will vote for him. It’s frightening to think anyone admires him enough to see him continue his plunder of this country. They have truly set their bar very low. The dumbing down of America & celebrity worship is directly responsible for this debacle.

Sure Biden is going to win, you can see the support in his rallies.
Also, he thinks he’s running for senate:
“that’s why I’m running as a Democrat for the Senate” (min 25:20).

I’ve spent time reading articles from both sides. What I’ve noticed is that both sides are anticipating a landslide victory. Both sides believe that if they do lose the election, it will be because of fraud and corruption.

Emotions are running sky high on both sides and both sides believe the other side to be morally flawed at best, and an enemy to be defeated and cast aside at worst.

What should be very concerning to us as the American people is that we are being set up to be even more divided after the election than before — regardless of the outcome.

To quote Abraham Lincoln who quoted Jesus, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

As we allow ourselves to become more divided, the house begins to collapse from the inside out.

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