A Visit with Bradley Williams of Montanans Against Assisted Suicide

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Last week I read an opinion piece about physician-assisted dying with included comments at the end. One of these was from Bradley Williams, president of an organization called Montanans Against Assisted Suicide. What he wrote showed that this group has been paying very keen attention to the wording in proposed legislation around the country, so I wanted to learn more.

EN: What is Montanans Against Assisted Suicide and how did it begin?

Bradley Williams: We formed in 2010 as a single issue group that lays our differences at the door to focus narrowly on the language of the euthanasia laws/bills and how they can be administered for or against the individual, our choice. As such our supporters span the entire spectrum of people that stand for the individual except Darwinists, about 2% believe in the survival of the fittest.

Serving 70 days at fair booths across Montana visiting with 1,000’s we learned that 60% of the public favored the concept. After they read the bill, suddenly 95% of 60% flipped saying “I’m not for that!”. They are not for allowing heirs and facility staff to initiate and finalize the killing before the family knows. And all involved receive instant immunity from investigations.

EN: Who are some of the organizations that have been lobbying to legalize assisted suicide in this country?

BW: Medical Administrations led by Kaiser, Ex HMOs management started, renamed C&C (ex-Hemlock Society). C&C is the main organization that deceptively (it would be false advertising if they were a for profit organization) promotes euthanasia. They were crestfallen when they as a facilitator were cut out of Obama care at the last moment. They hope the new Federal bill on palliative care passes with funds for them. As a tell to where they are headed they have sponsored seminars on organ harvesting.

The existing laws need amending. Amendments would include requiring a witness to the self-administration, restore the illegality of falsifying the death certificate, require the posting of the poison applied in the medical record for the sake of good stewardship for future studies, register organ/tissue trafficking, reveal commissions and memorials paid to the corporate facilitators and keep all records for transparent public safety policy

EN: What are the primary motivations behind this movement?

BW: To dominate our individual rights.

EN: What are the biggest concerns raised by opponents like yourself and MTaas.

BW: The dishonoring of our individual choices.

EN: On your website (https://mtaas.org/) you state that in 2017 there was record spending by lobbyists who were bullying Montana legislators. Who has been funding these efforts and why?

BW: It was definitely David and Goliath. The Democratic leadership invited C&C to Montana which resulted in the Baxter v Montana. Their recorded spending peaked in 2013 at a rate higher than the government unions. The legislature rejected their “immunity for predatory corporations and others” bills 2011, 2013 and 2015. In 2015 Disability Rights Montana gave me the honor of submitting their objection to the euthanasia bill. They had broken ranks with the Dems. I heard multiple gasps behind me. They withdrew demoralized in 2016, 2017 session and so far 2019 session.

EN: The current proposed New Mexico legislation seems especially loose in some of its wording. What are the problems you see with this proposed legislation?

BW: It is reaching for zero oversight. But it is the same as the rest, empowering corporations over the individual.

Here is my ditty on New Mexico as it was originally written:

New Mexico 2019 HB90…

Read the bill. It promotes and markets itself by claiming 9 times that the poison must be self-administered and then omits an ordinary witness to document the individual’s choice. This tactic is known to be deceptive in order to deflect reasonable and prudent scrutiny.

The bill provides immunity for a predatory heir, predatory corporations and others to witness the application process and forces the individual’s death 48 hours later, all before the rest of the family knows.

Page 2 line 23: The bill allows a nurse via telecommunication to process the application and be finalized on a iPhone. There will be an app for that.

New Mexico deserves reasonable and prudent laws. Even if you favor the concept this bill is not the one. Vote No on HB90.

EN: Thank you for your insights. One last question related to falsifying death certificates. Can you expound on the reasons why proponents of assisted suicide want to allow death certificates to be falsified?

BW: When combined with immunity for all and the probation of civil and criminal investigations, the falsification of death certificates completes the covert state of the policy. Lucrative organ trafficking can thrive in such fertile ground. They claim individual rights under HIPPA but that is disingenuous as it blocks reasonable and prudent tracking of the policy for the benefit of the public. All medical records can be studied without revealing the individual. So a posting of the lethal dose as one of the causes of death would be in the public’s best interest.

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