A Visit With Producer Paul Lemenager of Dogsnose Media

Getting prepped for the Catalyst Content Festival

Ed Newman
5 min readOct 2, 2019


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I heard a rumor last month that there were no local films accepted to be part of the Catalyst International Content Festival here in Duluth next week. Ironically, the very next day I was posting an interview with two local women, Megan McGarvey and Katie Lindow , about their documentary Outsourced, a film about a UWS incident that is being featured at Catalyst.

Next, I discovered a short documentary on painter Jeffrey T. Larson , co-founder of the Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art, after which I stumbled upon another local connection. Local writer Jean Sramek had a script accepted for a different aspect of the five-day festival.

When I called Lance Parthe (Parthe Film & Video Productions) to inquire if he was involved in any way, I learned that his team had two documentaries in the festival. You can see the sizzle reel here for American Buskers. Lance suggested I reach out to producer Paul Lemenager and I called to set up a meeting.

We met in the studio offices and flipped through a series of topics. I’ve known Lance and Paul a long time, having worked with Parthe Productions for more than 30 years, as a client, for a range of projects including training videos and television commercials. (See: The Changing Face of Post-Production for Movie Makers) So, I am well acquainted with the Parthe team.

The two videos accepted by Catalyst are actually products of Dogsnose Media. Dogsnose is a subsidiary or side-project of Parthe comprised of Lance, Paul, Nick Kapanke and Matt Wiechmann whom Paul refers to as Mega-Matt. Each member of the team brings a set of gifts to the whole and a long history of exceptional work. (Paul also performs as a jazz singer, but this is not relevant for the purposes of this story, so I won’t elaborate.)

Mega-Matt works out of Mankato as a nationally acclaimed DJ, putting on foam parties with smoke-filled bubbles. He gets hired for special occasions like weddings, school parties, Vikings training camp, big family gatherings. His parents are professors.

Nick is a 25 year veteran in the film & video world who got sucked into the Parthe Vortex at some…



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