Agreed. One of my favorites is Street Legal. I think it got bad reviews because of “production values”… That is one solid album. The early 70s were dissed but I liked even some of that music. The best albums are all good (Oh Mercy, the mid 60s trilogy) but even the weakest albums have some great material and there are boatloads of great outtakes that have emerged from all the sessions.

Since we’re talking Beatles and mentioning Dylan… (I may have already said this) When Steve Jobs introduced the iPod and the commercial was running with the question, “What’s on Your iPod?” (or something like that) a journalist asked Jobs if he were on a desert island and could only have one group, would it be The Beatles or the Stones?

He replied, “That’s easy. The Beatles. But if you asked me to choose between The Beatles and Bob Dylan, that would be a much harder decision.”

I don’t think he answered it, either. Fortunately we don’t have to choose either/or.

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