Aiming for a Reasoned, Fact-Based Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

“It’ a hard rain’s a-gonna fall.” — Bob Dylan

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I’VE BEEN TRACKING NEWS STORIES and trying to work through what is happening by reading about the COVID-19 story from as many angles as possible. I believe that what these doctors are presenting is a “must hear.”

From everything I’ve read and seen, this video offers the clearest explanation of our current situation. I strongly encourage you to watch it from the beginning.

Here are some of the findings these immunologists have observed or gathered via networking with other doctors across the country.

1. The Panic/Fear of the unknown has resulted in measures taken that are doing more harm than the disease itself. “There are a lot of secondary effects that are not being talked about. We want to look at how we respond as a nation.”

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2. When in human history have the Healthy been quarantined rather than the sick?

3. Initial responses to the pandemic were based on guesswork based on projected scenarios. But The scenarios were created without real data. These immunologists now have two months of data to begin making more accurate assessments on how to respond.

4. Exposure to Coronavirus will strengthen are immune.

5. Corollary to point one about secondary effects from the lockdown: A spike in domestic abuse, more suicide, more stress.

What resonated with me in this presentation here is that it corresponds with a bottom line conviction of mine regarding the use of our critical thinking faculties. (Applied Common Sense.) Doctors make prescriptions based on diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis can only be made when we have the facts. Our political response was based on panic-fueled extrapolations without regard for all the real facts.

Here’s a related article that shows how our Panic Reactions led to wildly unreal expectations as regards what was going to happen. The article is titled During a press conference Wednesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis noted that health experts initially Instead Of ‘Flattening The Curve,’ We Flattened Hospitals, Doctors, And The U.S. Health Care System . Here’s a quote:
projected 465,000 Floridians would be hospitalized because of coronavirus by April 24. But as of April 22, the number is slightly more than 2,000.

I realize that there are very strong emotions associated with this issue. How can we see clearly what is happening when the noise from all sides is so deafening? It would be great if we had a time machine into the future, even the near future, to see what has really been happening here in 2020.

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