Apple Develops Downloadable Coronavirus Test App for iPhones

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1 April 2020, Cupertino — Apple® CEO Tim Cook has announced an app for iPhones that enables iPhone® users to self-test for coronavirus. The app enables people to remain in quarantine so they avoid hospitals where they may acquire other infectious diseases.

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Self-testers are instructed to obtain a saliva sample using a cotton swab. Apply the saliva sample onto a pane of clear glass, then select iPhoto to photograph the backlit sample. Select the app and results will be displayed in one of two universal symbols: thumbs up or skull and crossbones.

The app is being offered free to all persons with an iPhone and can be downloaded from Apple’s iStore. Currently the app is not compatible with Android phones, but work is underway to resolve this within the month.

“We’re very close on the development of this app for Androids. Unfortunately, there is a glitch in the code that causes Android phones to incorrectly deliver the skull and crossbones symbol one in three times.,” Cook acknowledged.

Conspiracy theories are already being circulated on Twitter. Expect an update on this story next week.


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