As a place for writers to find their voice or gain a platform, Medium is efficient and elegant. For long time writers it is nice to have a place to recycle material. (I have been blogging daily since 2007 and publishing for pay since 1982.) It takes time to build relationships with publications here, so generating cashflow doesn’t happen overnight. I actually stopped paying attention to what the rules were pretty early since they did change a few times. For a while they were trying to promote “Series” which you could get 1000 claps for, but who (of readers) would think to clap a thousand times?Most friends who read my stuff after clicking a link on FB or Twitter would leave one clap anyways. How would they know that it was a different system from Facebook where you get to Like something one time and the second click would Unlike?

It is what it is.

What are your personal goals as a writer?

An avid reader who writes about arts, culture, literature & other life obsessions. @ennyman3 Look for my books on Amazon

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