Both of this anecdotes are quite stimulating. The former brought to stories to mind for me. You write about how intentional and challenging design can be. It is a matter of elegance and problem solving.

My wife’s uncle was a designer whose career was designing the interior cockpit spaces of new kinds of aircraft. He worked with a team in designing some of the most famous jets of the past fifty years including the Harrier and others. It was fun to see the drawings/paintings he did, and your artwork here triggered that memory.

The second anecdote is about Tom Stafford, the first man to circumnavigate the moon. I had been seated next to him in the exit row while flying home on a business trip. You can read the whole story here in this piece I posted on medium. (Did Man Really Walk On The Moon?) My story ended with this anecdote here:

In the course of our conversation I asked him what thoughts went through his head as he looked at the earth from the moon. He smiled, looked at me, then spread his thumb and forefinger about two inches and said, “I saw that all the problems in the world could fit between my two fingers.”

Had it not been for that portal, how different his story would have been.

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