Cats! Most Hated Movie of All Time?


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On Broadway, Cats was a big hit. My brother treated my mom to the show one Mother’s Day. Mom had fun, enjoyed it immensely. So how is it that Hollywood has transformed it into something so furiously bad?

It’s not really going to be named the most hated film of all time, because that would actually turn the film into an achievement, to be the top of a list of some kind. Nevertheless, it’s been quite a while since I saw an rating this poor.

I love the creativity demonstrated in all the various responses to this one. As awful as the film itself was, the reviews on make up for it in entertainment value. I especially love some of the titles. For example, “Should be considered a crime against humanity” and “In the Litter Box.”

Here’s a representative smattering, for the fun of it.

I no longer have a will to live
Thats it, that’s the review, I no longer have a will to live. This ruined movies, music, and animals for me. Honestly, the fact that it was made by humans ruined people in general for me. If I see one more advertisement for this god forsaken movie I fear for my own safety.

Can’t guess the ‘target audience’!?!
We have gone altogether to please our 6 years old daughter: Even she couldn’t stand it. Not to mention my wife snuck out at the 15th minute and came back just on the last song. I suspect she has been crying in the toilet.

Only a one because I can’t give it zero
Seriously, take $10.00, pop some popcorn, grab a drink from the fridge and set the $10.00 on fire….you will be more entertained.

Combating online piracy
Hollywood’s new way of combating online piracy. Make movies no one wants to watch.

Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen
Sorry to pile on, but in my 55 years I have never walked out of a movie until now. We had high hopes, we love musicals, but good lord, this was awful on every level.

This is why North Korea hates us
I’ve never seen a film that made me want to place my own cats up for adoption until now. Words cannot express how awful this truly was.

I used to be a wholeheartedly christian mother. I then watched this movie and became an atheist. No loving god would put us on a planet with the likes of this.

So I guess Ishtar is looking pretty good right now?? LOL
Just hoping all those that walked out asked for their money back. Most theatres have a policy about refunding your money if you walk out and ask for refund within a certain time frame as in 30 minutes.

2 hours of nightmare
The only thing that could have saved this movie, Was for it to have never been created to begin with.

OK, truth be told, there are a lot of bad movies that get made. The horror genre has had more than its share. Even so, they gained a fan base They were campy, but fun. And most were low-budget affairs, so they had an excuse. This production wasted 95 million good dollars to do its dirty work.

I imagine a book will be written about this one day. Cat videos online go viral. The Cats! theatrical production proved to be a sensation. Why not let Hollywood take a whack at it? What could go wrong?

Well… Now we know.

Most embarrassing credit: T.S. Eliot is cited as a co-screenwriter. He’s no doubt twisting in his grave.

Favorite review: I’ve thought about gouging out my eyeballs with a rusty spoon after watching this.

It is what it is.

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