Coronavirus Pandemic Notes and Quotes

Let’s start with some positives.

1. I read that a couple in India aged 93 and 88 caught COVID-19 and have recovered.

2. A friend of mine and his daughter caught it, never went to get tested because they did not want to waste the testing supplies. Their symptoms were identical to what’s been described as going around, which leads me to believe there are massive quantities of other people who have gotten it but whom are not included in the numbers. WHAT THIS MEANS IS that it is far more pervasive than we realize, but also that the death ratio is far smaller than we feared. [EdNote: We will be monitoring this situation.]

3. Both Abbott and Johnson & Johnson appear to be on a fast track solution. Mayo Clinic has something going that they plan to announce Monday.

nfortunately, it’s not all roses here on planet earth, though, and we can’t pretend otherwise. Some people who get the fever have said they’ve never experienced anything like it. “It was like somebody was beating me like a piñata,” said CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

here are riots beginning to take place in many parts of the world including China, Lebanon, South Africa and Mexico. Prison riots are breaking out due to panic and overcrowding in many other places: Brazil, Colombia, Tehran & Iranian prisons and elsewhere. The common denominator: Fear. Fear causes people to panic and behave irrationally. It’s like the static electricity that builds inside a storm, producing thunder and lightning. I believe that in many of these places, where those in authority have only a tenuous hold on power, the fear will build on both sides and, as with a dam break, chaos and destruction may ensue.

TO PUT THINGS IN PERSPECTIVE, here’s an interesting article about the Spanish Flu , which originated not in China but in Kansas and was carried abroad by U.S. doughboys who were deployed to World War I, quickly spreading the flu throughout Europe. It was tagged the Spanish Flu because Spain newspapers were not censored.

Here are some a few related articles:

“Is it possible that the politicians are the ones who are panicking, while the people subject to their whims are simply trying to deal with the fallout as best they can?” — Jacob Sullum, ‘The Fear, the Panic, Is a Bigger Problem Than the Virus,’ Says New York’s Governor, Reason

“The line between freedom and security is beginning to blur.” — Dean Middleburgh, Can We Trust Big Brother?

“Politicians and the public are alarmingly willing to violate civil liberties in the name of fighting the epidemic.” — Jacob Sullum, Will COVID-19 Kill the Constitution?

hat’s the solution? Larry David says we should all just hunker down and watch television . I myself am working on a book and organizing my files for whatever comes next.

Here’s another take on all these things, an article by Dr. Eugene K. Choi which states that the Fear of Covid-19 will harm you more than Covid-19 . He proceeds to offer what sounds like sound advice.

I’m curious what people will be saying ten years from now regarding this moment in history. I picture some us someday being asked, “Grandpa, what did you do while the world was in lockdown?”

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