Coronavirus Update: What’s the Latest?

Which one of these is real and which is not?

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February 8. Here (above) are two adjacent tweets. One tweet states that 725 have died and there are near 35,000 cases. The next says over 50,000 have died and 1.5 million are stricken.

Videos have been posted showing what are allegedly Chinese government workers welding doors shut at apartment buildings where people inside have the virus.

On the bright side, if the coronavirus is going to wipe out the human race this year, I won’t have to worry so much about my diet, cholesterol and triglycerides now.

According to The Navy Times, the number of cases as of 2 days ago is 34,500, not 1.5 million.

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Photo by Alana Harris on Unsplash

According to Al Jazeera the number of actual instances of the disease is smaller, not larger.

So who is spreading the disinformation? What is their vested interest?

Are these stories of mass cover-up intentionally malicious? Or does panic travel faster than reason? Is there a hidden agenda here? Intentional disruption? If so, who’s behind it?

According to my own brief research (via Google) developing a new vaccine for a new virus takes at least a year. So don’t fall for promises that you can get rich quick by investing in a biotech that promises to solve it in three weeks.

On the other hand, this same article states, “The good news is that a few existing drugs might help to save lives in the meantime. And new treatments could be developed in as little as six months.”

My aim here is to help reduce your anxiety if you’re susceptible to awfulizing and always thinking the worst.

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