Crowdsourcing: Your First Blog. What Did You Write? When and Why?

May I share your stories?

Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

I started blogging in 2007, in part because I wanted to see if it would have value for the company I worked for as an in-house ad agency. My first post was titled One Small Step for a Man, One Giant Leap for… Now more than 12 years later, I’m still blogging every day.

I’m always interested in others’ experiences, and enjoy sharing them because I know I’m not alone in that. I’d like to hear your story, and share it at Ennyman’s Territory.

  1. What was your first blog post and when? (URL)
  2. What did you write about and why?
  3. Any tips for other bloggers?

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Have a great weekend.

“Life, what is it but a dream?” — Lewis Carroll

An avid reader who writes about arts, culture, literature & other life obsessions. @ennyman3 Look for my books on Amazon

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