Effectiveness Can Be Learned

“The most important thing to report is that I have found that effectiveness can be learned — but also that it must be learned. It does not come by itself. It is a practice that must be acquired.” ~ Peter Drucker, The Effective Executive

A lot of people may pass over this book thinking that hes writing for executives and there is nothing here for me. But the reality is, this book is jam packed with insights for all of us because we are all “executives” — presidents and managers of our own personal lives. For this reason, the vital truths presented in each chapter have application for all of us.

Chapter two addresses the importance of time management. Another chapter addresses decision making. Another gives practical instruction on the importance of setting priorities.

The first chapter of this book lays the foundation: Effectiveness Can Be Learned. It is not enough to be busy. Nearly all of us know what it is like to be busy, tongues hanging out as we sprint through the lists we make for ourselves. Drucker challenges this busy-ness problem by asking the question, Are you busy with the right things? “The executive is, first of all, expected to get the right things done.”

Intelligence, imagination and knowledge are all well and good, “but only effectiveness converts them into results.” And results are what matter.

Yes, the book is directed particularly toward effectiveness in organizations, but be assured that if you wish to bring renewed focus to your life, this is a great asset for your personal library.

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