Glad to meet you. I have much to say but will first address your question at the start.

I have read a half dozen books on Daniel Boone, and must say I have never once heard that story of a Yahoo or Bigfoot. I could tell a few other tall tales about the man, but bottom line, he was a truly magnanimous man. He was much respected.

I live in Minnesota now and learned about the Voyageurs here, men who left home for six months at a time to go out and gather beaver pelts, and other prize game. It was through this experience I came to understand Daniel Boone better. He was a Voyageur… a long hunter. He and his hunting buddies would go out for six months and come back laden with pelts.

On one occasion he and a group of long hunters decided to explore South and went to Florida. They never repeated that mistake. Swamps and mosquitos…

On another occasion he was captured by the Shawnees in what is now Ohio. The chief liked Boone so much he offered his daughter to the legendary explorer. When Boone failed to return home after this six month hunt, his wife was left without a man and had several children. He was gone for two years and presumed dead. When he escaped and returned to his wife Rebecca, the word reached home before he did. Panic set in because Rebecca had a new baby via Daniel’s brother, and no one knew how Boone would respond.

As it turns out, he was completely understanding and accepted Jemima as his own daughter.

One of the best books on Daniel Boone is The Long Hunter by Lawrence Elliott. The book is superbly researched but most its most significant contribution is in sharing details that would have made people uncomfortable in the past.

Many more stories could be told… My personal blog has as its URL

Here’s the book. It’s a good read:

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