Great analysis. The David / Goliath metaphor is right on. I like the title of Andy Grove’s book Only the Paranoid Survive. That’s why Sears went down the tubes. When the head of Sears was asked years ago if he felt threatened by Wal-Mart. He chuckled. That was funny to him.

In the magazine publishing industry many of the last to embrace the Internet were the Brands who had been strongest. They failed to take advantage of the edge they had (30 to 80 years of content in the vault) and we slow to adapt.

Newspapers failed to take Craigslist seriously. It was so dull looking… the epitome of un-design. The newspapers were decimated.

I am guessing that Facebook thought it owned the world when the reached 2 billion users. I don’t think they will disappear but there’s certainly been a whole lot of shaking (in their boots) going on this year.

No brand can afford to rest on its laurels. Your article is a concise reminder.

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