Great recap of the film, which triggered a number of thoughts as I read it. Here are a few, not in order of importance.

Having been to Little Round Top, and Gettysburg itself, it is impossible to hear these words without the impact these places make on one in real life. Pickett’s Charge was insane there, and holding Little Round Top against the in-charging Rebs was clearly as significant as any moment.

I’ve been a student of U.S. Grant for many decades, a hero of sorts. The book Grant Wins The War is about the Battle of Vicksburg. The two battles (Vicksburg and Gettysburg) occurred one after the other the same week. It really did prove the beginning of the end for the South.

The longest surviving veteran of the Civil War was living here in Duluth at the time Bob Dylan was born. Not only did Albert Woolson live in Duluth, he lived just around the corner from young Robert Zimmerman (aka Dylan) till Bob was six years old. Here’s a blog post I wrote about that.

Last but not least, my kin on both sides of the family came here in the early days of this country, some when it was frontier and Colonies. All of us with these lengthier roots have relatives who participated one way or another in that divisive war. In my case my roots were on border states, and some fought in the state legislature of Virginia. In 1863, at the time of this battle, the were breaking West Virginia off from Virginia. For those who are fascinated with history, West Virginia became a state on June 20, 1863. The battle for Vicksburg began in May. Gettysburg was July 1–3. The Union, under Grant’s leadership, captured Vicksburg on July 4.

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