Have You Lost Your Passion? Here’s How To Get It Back

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Photo by Alissa Eady on Unsplash

How much of your activity is devoted to things that no longer get you jazzed? What was once alive inside you that now has been squashed or lost?

Have you stopped thinking big? Was there a project that at one time captured your whole being, that energized you so that you couldn’t wait for morning to get back at it?

Has your former big dream dissipated into a misty fog? What steps are you taking to get it back? Are you moving toward your life purpose or away from it?

Preparation involves time. Are you willing to wait for what is important. Or are you settling for less?

“We want the world and we want it now.” — Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was wrong.

If you’re young, life is a lot longer than you think. If your dream is big it will take time. Don’t worry. The bigger the airplane, the longer runway, as they used to say before Harrier jets. What is your big foolish project that you keep putting off?

If every person pursued their inner purpose, the world would be overrun with good people stemming the tide of zombie insanity. It takes courage. Rise to the occasion.

Where are you in your life journey. What season? Spring, summer or fall? If winter, how long till spring? We all need a spring to look forward to. It keeps us going.

Yes, I am talking to you. May I help you? Let’s make something good happen.

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