Healing the Hurting Through Music: Henry Wiens and Quiet Heart Music

Ed Newman
6 min readOct 29, 2018

The Power of Music to Comfort and Heal

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To the hurting soul every bitter moment is an eternity. Until the music begins. As the music unfolds, we are comforted.

Who can understand it, this miracle that music brings? For many at life’s end, whether ill or simply bed-ridden, time slows to a crawl. In fact, with little to look forward to, there really is nothing but time. The hours stand still, especially when magnified by pain. Time is impossibly slow for those who hurt or grieve.

Music has long been understood to have power to comfort distress, to deliver us from the solitude of our sufferings. In the Old Testament, David the shepherd boy was brought before King Saul to play the harp, thereby relieving the king from his depression. Three thousand years later, we have CD players, radios, Pandora and smartphones. In whatever form it is delivered, the simple beauty of music is a therapeutic wonder.

One musician who understands music’s power is Henry Wiens, a Midwest pianist and recording artist now living in Pittsburgh, and founder of Quiet Heart Music. After years of receiving letters and calls from grateful listeners coping with grief, chronic pain, and stress, Henry recognized that his music had significant healing potential and began to distribute his CDs to nursing homes, hospices and hospitals across the nation.

Early Awareness

Henry Wiens’ musical career as a pianist, arranger, and composer began in the country church his father pastored. His gifts of improvisation flowered there as he began to combine traditional gospel music with many other styles. He later refined these talents by studying music theory and composition at the University of Minnesota.

Wiens’ wide-ranging musical credits include arranging scores of recordings for a broad variety of artists, performing ragtime piano for “Sesame Street Live,” co-writing three nationally published musicals, and composing music for radio and television, as well as published choral music. He has now recorded seven solo piano CDs and has performed extensively throughout the country.

“Several times,” said Wiens, “I’ve been asked to play for the MN Funeral Director’s…

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