Hi…. I had to re-read the dream to see what the New York question was about. 30 years later and the fencing and maze were still vivid but a New York trip forgotten.

To answer your question, my family lives out East (I grew up in NJ) and have made frequent trips home and of to the big city.

There are some dreams that were so vivid that without even recording them I recall them decades later. On one occasion I was (in dream) on a double date at some mountainous peak. There was a scenic lookout with a 1000 foot drop off the edge. I slid under the pipe railing to see if I could get closer to look straight down. There was a slippery gravel surface however and I couldn’t stop from sliding over the edge.

As I was falling I could hear the girl I was with crying hysterically, and the two friends trying to comfort her. I was also fully aware that this was a dream, so I stopped falling, and walked up the side of the vertical cliff back to the top where I put my arm around my friends and said, “There, there, it’s only a dream.”

Yes, I like the mystical element you shared here, and dreams are a reminder of life being more vast and deep and, to some extent, a greater mystery than we often realize.

Being a highly intuitive person myself, I often wondered if my ability to remember dreams was due to that x factor, but after talking about dreams with people most of my life, I think it is a skill. Your article would be helpful for anyone wishing to cultivate that.

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