How Much More Can Human Nature Endure?

We often talk about stress and the pressures of modern life. When I saw this blurb a few years ago, it helped to put things in perspective.

The world is too big for us, too much is going on, too many crimes, too much violence and excitement. Try as you will, you get behind in the race in spite of yourself. It’s a constant strain to keep pace… and still, you lose ground.

Science empties its discoveries on you so fast that you stagger beneath them in hopeless bewilderment.

The political world is news seen rapidly, you’re out of breath trying to keep pace with who’s in and who’s out. Everything is high pressure. Human nature can’t endure much more.

Can you believe it? The above was first published in the Atlantic Journal on June 16, 1863.

Maybe we don’t have it so bad after all.

“Keep on the sunny side…”
— Mother Maybelle Carter

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