I don’t mean to sound like the wet blanket here but most witers do not and will not make a six figure income from writing. 2% may exceed that but according to surveys of writer, a majority barely make a four figure income.

Here is excerpt from article “Most Writers Make Less Than You Think”

According to the survey, “Just over 77% of self-published writers make $1,000 a year…with a startlingly high 53.9% of traditionally-published authors, and 43.6% of hybrid authors, reporting their earnings are below the same threshold. Only 0.7% of self-published writers, 1.3% of traditionally published writers, and 5.7% of hybrid writers reported earning more than $100,000 a year from their writing. (The typical writer in the sample was “a commercial fiction writer who might also write non-fiction and who had a project in the works that might soon be ready to publish.”)

I am not wishing to question but who is paying you this massive amount of money, and for what? There are a million books published a year now, and even some excellent stuff only generates 1000 sales.

I know what it takes to make a six figure income. I also know (from three decades in marketing/advertising) that it is borderline unethical to overpromise wealth when selling products.

Writers receive money when they provide value to others, whether an employer or readers who fork over cash for what one gives.

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