I had a number of these kinds of dreams when I was in my early twenties. I remember a few quite vividly and like you associate them with something demonic.

In one I was strapped into a Spanish Inquisition-like torture device that was a metal seat suspended in air that that was being flung around the room, a room full of people oblivious to what I was going through. I was trying to scream for help but was paralyzed, like you… It was indeed quite horrible….

I had become a Christian and dealt with these episodes by praying and asking for God’s help and deliverance. Have not been troubled since as far as I can tell…except one incident about 2 years later at a house which was clearly demonic. I had been hitchhiking and a guy who picked me up let me spend the night. His son told me about a ghost in the house, and I do not doubt it. I still remember the dream and the feeling you describe.

This is looking back from 45 years later.

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