I have been preparing to go see Yesterday myself but will keep my expectations reigned in a bit. Thanks for not spoiling. I have seen the trailer and you gave nothing away really.

I’m writing this, though, because your story brought to mind a memory from when I was 12 and went to the New York Worlds Fair. Our family moved to NJ in 1964 and our relatives from all over visited us the two years of the fair. I thought it was to see our new house but realized later it was the “free motel” so they could all see the Fair.

On one of my many visits with family I stood in line with my mother for what seemed hours just to see a sculpture… The Pieta by Michaelangelo. Again, I was 12 years old and you would think with all the things to see and experience, wasting a good portion of a day to see a sculpture would be a non-event.

As we neared the front of the line and went inside it was dark leading up to the piece and as slow as we were moving when it came into view it was simply stunning. It seemed impossibly beautiful, the marble was like nothing I’d ever seen. I want to saw it was like carved an polished soap, but it was stone that seemed to glow from within. Unfortunately, we had to keep moving, dragging our feet, taking it in.

Anyways, your narrative brought this experience to mind, which has lain dormant many a decade. Thanks for awakening it. I give Mom credit for her gentle persuasion… I wasn’t forced, but she noted that this was a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed. And she was right.

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