I have often used Convenience interchangeably with Efficiency. We are always in a hurry, so we choose convenience/efficiency over incovenience.

I just returned from a road trip, driving 2000 miles to Pennsylvania and back to Minnesota over a 17-day period. I chose to skip the Pennsylvania Turnpike and took side roads from Pittsburgh to Allentown. It was inconvenient but rewarding as I stumbled upon the Flight 93 Memorial and Gettysburg.

Driving, itself, is inconvenient compared to flying, which is how I usually travel between my MN home and family back East. But there were benefits. I visited friends and relatives along the way whom I have not seen in years, which was greatly rewarding. I saw art and museums I’d never had time for before.

More than 50 years ago Jacques Ellul’s The Technological Society addressed these issues of the “human cost” of efficiency and convenience. Before that Huxley gave us Brave New World and C.S.Lewis That Hideous Strength, both addressing the dark side of progress.

Thanks for the detailed breakdown here. You raise real concerns.

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