I have spent decades sharing with people the myth of Sisyphus and Camus’s take. A hundred thoughts come to mind, and if I begin I won’t know where to end. For Camus, one point he makes is that even Sisyphus had a 15 minute break each time he walked back down the hill to start the process again. He could smell the roses, so to speak, and enjoy the view.

I like your application as regards how hard it is for people with mental illness to struggle with just having a “normal” life. Psychologist have noted that all of us are imperfect and have neurotic tendencies which then become a challenge.

But the ultimate challenge for most is the one regarding meaning. These are the “big” questions which ancient philosophers have wrestled with. Why am I here? Where am I going?

Camus and his existential view was that we have a responsibility to create our meaning. That is, instead of simply resigning ourselves to the absurd, we become meaningful by making meaningful decisions. It is within our power to choose. For example, in Camus’s The Plague, a metaphor for the brokenness of our world, each character makes different choices. The existential hero helps others even though on the surface it is pointless.

I myself have defined myself as a Christian existentialist, which has helped give meaning to the choices of my life in this way. If one believes that God is a God of purposes, how can we become agents of change or redemption of this world’s brokenness.

On a lesser level, many people find meaning by simply striving to commit to meeting the needs in their community, linking arms with others who share this passion.

Ultimately all the great thinkers have wrestled with this matter, and it is good for us to do the same. I like the fact that you included the preface to the curse Sisyphus had to bear.

You might enjoy this blog post of mine that includes Shelley’s Ozymandias, and this one, Borges’ A Yellow Rose.

For anyone weary of the struggle who has considered suicide, it might be useful to be aware that 100% of the known survivors of a suicide attempt from the Golden Gate Bridge regretted it as soon as they let go and leapt.

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