I have written about Bond on my blog a few times and will post one of them here on Medium this afternoon. Thanks for a great read.

My dad had all the Bond novels and when I was 14 or 15 I picked up one of them and was immediately engrossed. My mom, however, thought it was a little too adult for a teen. She had read the first 20 pages of From Russia With Love, my first James Bond thriller, and put it down. (You may recall the poolside massage scene with the blonde Russian) Well, that was my first Bond read, and my dad told said it was just fine for me to read the books. They were not porn, though were indeed sensual at times.

My second story relates to the opening paragraph here where you show Fleming’s writing style. In my first writer’s conference back in 1983 one of the instructors shared how Fleming did not use generalizations, but rather used very specific details. Not just a Bentley, but “the old Continental Bentley — the ‘R’ type chassis with the big 6 engine and 13:40 back-axle ratio”

I never forgot that insight. Fleming painted the details, not just loose, fuzzy stuff.

Your piece here prompted me to post my own Bond pieces on Medium. Here is the first with links to two others: 50 Years of Bond: Who’s the Best?

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