I just finished reading One Day in the Life of Ivan Dinesovich this week (Solzhenitsyn), an incredible story that takes place in a Gulag (prison)… and it brought to mind other prison stories. In this story there is no escape, so it is a different message per se.

Shawshank is definitely a great film… Two other films along with this form a triumvirate of prison escape films for me: Cool Hand Luke and Runaway Train. For me, all three have an existential hero in a “situation” (The Box, the Prison) and how we respond to this “meaninglessness” is our responsibility. In all three of these films the quest involves Freedom.

What’s interesting, and you draw this out through your questions, is how we make our own prisons and though few of us are behind real bars, we are trapped in mental prison cells.

Thanks for sharing and a reminder of some important things.

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