I like all the thoughtful responses and your thoughtful responses to these others.

I have been reading part of the longer document/book/manuscript you wrote and esp. liked this quote:

The history lesson that most libertarians do not understand from 1848 is that common people need to have hope that there is a better life for them and their children. If there is nothing but hard work and low pay to live for, common people will take to the streets.

This statement sums up how/why Castro overthrew Bautista, how the Revolution overthrew the Tsar, how the masses overthrew King Louis in France, how Che found his motivation… It is a warning to the U.S. and other Western powers, but we’re not yet there for the majority. It feels like most people who dislike their empty or toxic work lives still believe a party every weekend is enough to look forward to so as to get by.

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