I look around and see people driving new cars, living in more houses than ever, more people working than ever, more millionaires than ever, and I try to understand where you’re coming from?

When I was young I once wrote an article that was shrill, suggested the end of the world was near. It never got published because it was full of generalizations. The brush was fat and full of tar.

Medium is a nice forum for venting. There is no editor here to call you out. But who are you? Where does all this venom come from?

You repeatedly assert America is broken, even on the verge of collapse. What is your solution? How are you helping to fix the problems you invite us to look more closely at?

What does your statement “Capitalism only makes capitalists rich” mean? It’s my understanding that people who work and save become wealthier than those who do not. The U.S. has a massive middle class because of the jobs created here by entrepreneurs. It wasn’t central planning that made the wealth that lifted millions from hand-to-mouth existence.

Anyways, I’m interested in hearing what other people are doing to keep the collapse from happening that umair is predicting. If these dire forecasts were true, a lot of people would be hurt.

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