I played the role of sleuth researcher in my family, the purpose being like yours, to verify family lore. On Dad’s side we are descended from Daniel Boone. Eastern Kentucky hill country, near illiterate for a few generations. On my Mother’s side descended from some famous people including Rob Roy McGregor and 8th century royalty. But to verify… .

It was a great experience as one must also learn geography and much more. (to locate records, etc.) .

Thanks for the details. Makes me think I should pull out my details and look for the best stories again.

I wrote up this imaginary interview with one of my great uncles who became “the blind poet of Ritchie County”…. blinded due to fever in the Civil War he went on to a college for the blind, became a lawyer and then pursued a career as founder of two newspapers. Here is what I wrote: https://medium.com/@ennyman/imaginary-interviews-2-john-s-hall-the-blind-poet-of-ritchie-county-5bddd0db5cd7

thanks for story

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