I Violated Community Standards — Am I Doomed?

“It’ a hard knocks life for us…” — Annie

Photo by @felipepelaquim on Unsplash

Very strange. Years ago I was encouraged to set up a “business account” on Facebook for Ennyman’s Territory, my personal daily blog since 2007. The only thing this “business account accomplished (once set up) was to have Facebook constantly remind me I would have more traffic if I advertised (i.e. Paid Facebook Money). I never “pushed” the page to be liked, but have a few followers even though I seldom post there.

Instead, each day after publishing my post for the day I would share with my “friends” on my personal Facebook wall and Tweet it. I have a modest following on FB and 4K+ Twitter followers, so the ritual of writing and then sharing on these social media platforms worked for me. Until this happened about a month ago:

>>>> People who recently visited your page, Ennyman’s Territory, recommended changes to the information on your page . <<<<<

This is so bizarre that it defies comprehension, and I have been unable to find a human being at Facebook who can help me beyond their Bots who now tell me I am Spamming.

Is it spamming to write something once a day and share it? I don’t put it on everyone else’s wall. That would be spamming. I just put it on my own, or used to

Did someone really complain? Or was it an A.I. Terminator that flagged me.

Then I received these notes from Michael Johnson and Lois Sandy Marshall:

Yup, I just confirmed that facebook won’t let anyone go to your blog by clicking the link on your Ennyman’s Territory page, nor would they let me post the link here as a comment. I clicked through their reasons ‘why’ and found they said it violated the Community Standards / rules against spam. I contested the decision and now it sits a couple posts above this one with a red oval around it (not sure if anyone can see that but me).


Well, cousin, I tried to post your 3/18/21 blog on my own page. Here is what I got:
This URL goes against our Community Standards on spam:
pioneerproductions.blogspot dot com

I registered a disagree with the decision. (BTW, I can post your blog by using the word “dot” instead of . in your URL.)

So it was not the action of posting my blog daily, but Ennyman’s Territory itself that was the problem, and I the despicable violator of community standards, ostracized like a mad cur, a slimy swamp rat, scaly cold-blooded reptile, a poisonous pillock, gorbellied miscreant, a rank compound of odious smells from a pile of plague sores….

OK, methinks I got carried away.

What happened next surprised me even more. I AM UNABLE TO LIKE anyone’s posts on Instagram. I have been following a number of local and international artists, really enjoying the creativity and letting them know by tapping on the Heart.

Every time I attempt to “Like” by touching the Heart icon, I get this message:

We restrict certain activity to protect our community.

Well, it’s obvious what’s happening on Instagram. Facebook owns Instagram, and once flagged as a troublemaker on Facebook, it was only a matter of time before I was handcuffed on Instagram. It only took roughly a week, if that.

Funny thing is, I can still post photos and share on Instagram. Why can’t I interact with people there? I am isolated… kicked off the island.

I still like to look, though without a handshake it feels like I’m just a lurker. So be it.

An avid reader who writes about arts, culture, literature & other life obsessions. @ennyman3 Look for my books on Amazon

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