If I remember correctly, (without looking at notes) the concert was scheduled to be somewhere else, but changed at last minute to Altamont.

I first saw Gimme Shelter when I was in college when it came out. I was into the Stones and had all their albums up through Goat’s Head Soup. I still listen to Gimme Shelter, actually.

The Hell’s Angels were hired to be security, but things got out of hand. They were up on the stage and Marty Balin of the Jefferson Airplane got knocked out. Stephen Stills got stabbed in the leg and the brutal killing of Meredith Hunter was caught on camera. I think it was while Sympathy for the Devil was playing, which is especially scary.

Woodstock and Altamont were the Yin and Yang of 1969. Four people died at the concert.

Yes, that is another interesting point-counterpoint — Let It Be and Let It Bleed. Never thought that thought before.

No doubt the innocence of the hippie middle class wasn’t prepared for some of the realities outside the campus.

There’s another interesting story about the Hell’s Angels, involving the Beatles, coming to Apple Studios. I just looked it up and read an article that is somewhat different from the story I remember in which John was not afraid to speak up… with authority.

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