I’m not sure I understand the problem with creating products for men and women. There are women’s clothes and men’s clothes at all the big box retailers. Perhaps Pepsico’s mistake was to make too big of a big deal out of it?

In the 1990s Ford Taurus became the best selling American model of car based on a strategy to design the car in such a manner as to be “women friendly” inside the driving compartment. The car’s design team had to test every button and every feature of the interior while wearing one inch nails. The concept was to make everything easy to do without breaking a nail.

They did not use this in their sales or PR per se, but the philosophy behind the move was based on market research that showed the women were decision-makers when it came to the family car. I’m not sure how many years in a row the Taurus was number one, but they sold a lot of them.

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