Interesting stories here. A couple thoughts in response.

The $324 million dollar for one player certainly mind-boggling. Or rather, the prices that stars get is mind-boggling. I remember a Minnesota Twins pitcher who signed for $200 back in the early 60s.

If every seat were sold for a season of home games, how much money would be generated?

I like the salary cap imposed on NFL football. It mystifies me how baseball has been permitted to favor the rich in an era where the general population is predisposed toward turning the wealthy into mulch or compost.

We love Fairness in this country. It seems unfair for the Dodgers to “stack the deck” as you point out here.

Finally, I find the Houston story annoying because when the Houston Texans were paying a bounty to injure Brett Favre to anyone who could knock him out of the game, the outrage was so quickly forgotten. But the sting, for Vikings fans, never went away.

Oh well, that’s the way the ball bounces. Good stories.

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