Interesting topic for dissection. My grandmother and I used to discuss these things back in the early 70s when I was in college. She had had an out of body experience during brain surgery several years earlier, which triggered a lot of explorations into regions outside the norm of scientific materialism.

She was into sci fi, but much more. Edgar Cayce and others who wrote about the unused powers within us. She wondered if people could levitate things with mind power and whether UFOs were somehow behind the building of the Great Pyramid.

It’s like any other rabbit hole. Once you realize one pop truth is untrue, you begin to question them all.

I personally viewed what you call “the 10% myth” as a metaphor for how much we fail to live our full potential. To some extent I feel it’s not a myth that the masses tend to be caught up in a life of distractions and fail to really achieve the significance they may have once believed in.

Good thought provoking stuff here though. Keep it going.

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