Introduction to Terrorists Preying

Ars longa, vita brevis

When asked what one is going to do with one’s life, “I’m going to change the world” sounds much more interesting than “I don’t know.” Eric Nygard

Like a number of my stories, “Terrorists Preying” sprang from a scene in a dream. The dream became this story’s seed and I transcribed as it were a story that took shape in my imagination. At the time, a lit prof from Chapel Hill was in town for a reading and afterwards I asked if he would read my story. When it was returned a month later I learned that my 11 pages described a scene, an incident, but was not really a short story. He suggested I build on this foundation, which he said was well written, and make it 30 pages in length. In this manner I would have something more substantial.

It took some effort, but once I accepted the challenge all kinds of possibilities opened. It became an exercise that invigorated me.

In the mid-90s, when the world wide web was emerging, I placed many of my short stories online in order to share them with a wider audience. Three of these stories were translated into foreign languages — Croatian (Duel of the Poets), Russian (I’ve since forgotten which) and this one into French by a lit major working on his Masters there. His only difficulty was the title, which is a play on words that didn’t work in his language — Terrorists Preying.

They say writers would do best to write about what they know. I wrote this story because of my background in art. In my original intro I lathered up a bit of pretentiousness at this point which has been deleted here. Follow this link to read the full story: Terrorists Preying.

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