It’s the Unspoken Things That Alienate Us from One Another

“It’s all the unspoken things that make us feel so alone.”
Journal note — January 19, 1997

Photo by Harli Marten on Unsplash

We learn to talk at a very early age. It is something we will do all our lives. But do we know how to communicate? Real communication can be very challenging. And there are consequences when we fail.

There are many barriers to effective communication. We must realize that communication does not mean speaking words into the air. Rather, it is conveying a message to another human being. This other human being may be distracted, or disinterested, or carrying a raft of insecurities himself or herself. This other person may be defensive or may have purposes that thwart communication.

Whether in the home or the workplace, we must learn how to communicate. If someone does not hear us, it may be our own fault and not just theirs. Hence, the importance of courage in communication, especially when it really matters. Otherwise, the unspoken things will leave us isolated and alone.

I once heard this saying, “A large tree can be blown over by a strong wind, but a forest laughs at a hurricane.” Becoming isolated and alone makes us vulnerable. Being connected to others strengthens us, helps us get through the hard places of life, and enables us to go on helping others.

Never give up striving to share what’s in your heart, to make connections with others. It will be good for them, and for you as well.

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