I've written a number times on the Eugenics movement in America, including here https://medium.com/@ennyman/eugenics-revisited-6e00022e9c22

and here


What you're citing is something more under the radar because it is not legally sanctioned per se. I believe that 33 states had legalized the practice and nearly 70,000 taken advantage of. ... but in the dark corridors of many institutions things take place that no one hears about.

When I first began exploring the forums of American Online in 1990 or so, I was contacted by a guy who said that in a certain state mental institutions the staff were raping the drugged "inmates"... He used to work there and when he blew the whistle he was kicked out. He was asking people to write the governor. So I did. I wrote what was going on and received a terse reply that this was bogus and if I repeat it their attorneys will make me regret it.

In short, it was "none of my business." The need for journalists to shine a light in the dark is as great as ever, if not greater. Too many are focused on the gossipy type of news like what Nancy Pelosi did or the President's latest tweet. Those things are low hanging fruit for the news media. These other stories take more legwork and are risky too....


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