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“Hunt for Red October” by John Heino Photography. Used with permission.

Nothing comes out of nothing. Or rather, everything comes out of something.

I came out of my mother’s womb. I was birthed out of a family history. The words I write today come out of my mind. The ink flows out of my pen. My thoughts give birth to ideas which emerge in words, sounds, pictures and actions.

Everything comes out of something. Nothing comes out of nothing.

These were some of my thoughts as I was mulling about the Big Bang Theory again recently. Where did the bang come from? Out of nothing? If there was nothing, how could something happen?

In the beginning…

A couple years ago I had an interesting conversation on an airplane. At one point the woman I was speaking with (I’ll call her Dee to protect her identity) asked, “If you had two hours in God’s presence where you could ask God anything you wanted, what would you ask?”

That question didn’t come out of the blue, out of thin air, out of nothing, either. We’d been talking for quite some time before such personal explorations could be broached. A framework had been established. But now, the question was out there.

Before I share my first reply, I’ll ask you: What questions would you ask God? You have two full hours. (This is for you to answer to yourself. No need to send me anything.)

I only had one question initially and after that my mind was blank. It’s been a decades-long recurring theme for me and it always comes back to this: Why am I here?

In the moment I really didn’t know what else I could ask. Later, as I was driving home other questions finally began to emerge. Where does beauty come from? Why do we respond to beauty? Or rather, why do I respond to it the way I do? Why is beauty beautiful?

That was the first set of personal inquiries. Many more questions soon followed.

Maybe you have questions for God. Maybe asking the questions will unlock something for you.

I have one more for you. When are you going to get around to taking that personal retreat you’ve always promised yourself? Perhaps it’s time to get re-centered. The world pushes and pulls us in so many directions. There are so many voices telling us what we should do, who we should be, where we should go. In the midst of all this “noise” there’s a still small voice… within.

Get back in touch who you are.

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