Local Art Seen: Stimulating Student Show at the Kruk

Art is long, life is fleeting.

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Britta Bergstrom: “Hello, is this Jonathan?”

Student shows are always a rewarding experience for artists who were once student artists themselves. One can hardly view the work of students without thinking of the art exhibitions you were in when young. I was striving to be an art major at Ohio University, honored that a few of my instructors even remembered me year later, honored that one of my paintings had been selected to be hung in Chubb Hall, the admin building.

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Emily Koch: Jester

This was juried exhibition and students whose works passed the audition were here displayed in the Kruk Gallery at the University of Wisconsin-Superior (UWS). The exhibition showcases work from across a range of mediums. This year’s juror is UWS alumni and nationally recognized encaustic artist, Natalie Salminen Rude who has been working professionally in the arts since 2004. She maintains a studio, teaches encaustic workshops both locally and internationally, exhibits and facilitates discussions on spirituality and shares what it means to live as an artist within the context of commitment. Gallery Hours: Monday-Thursday, 2–6:00 p.m.; Awards Reception: March 25, 12 noon; On View: March 5–26

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Jack Hanson: Untitled

The images on this page are an attempt to capture the flavor of this show. I strongly encourage you to see the work in person, or visit the student shows in your own town. I once saw Michelangelo’s incredible Pieta in person and I can tell you it moved me deeply in ways unexpected. Ever since, I’ve always felt that what you see in a book or online is just a shadow of what you will find in person.

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Jill Scudder — Cats pajamas
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Emily Koch: Royalty
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Mathew Tappe — Ancestry
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Ethan Streblow — Academics (cropped)

It was through a student show that I met Ian Welshons, who illustrated my story A Remarkable Tale from the Land of Podd.

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Sonia Fields — Krowki (Little Cows) — Ballpoint pen drawing.

For me, student shows also bring to mind some of the instructors from my years at Ohio U in the early Seventies, people like Gary Pettigrew, Ron Koutrel and Frank Holmes. What students are doing is only the beginning of a much longer journey. It will be interesting to see how they develop, not only as artists but as creative people in whatever form their lives take.

This show will be on display through March 26.

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