Man Gave Names To All the Animals

A track from Bob Dylan’s Slow Train Coming

Ed Newman
5 min readSep 26, 2019


Photo: Courtesy Bill Pagel Archives

Jann Wenner’s 1979 Rolling Stone review of Slow Train Coming makes the following bold statement about this new phase in Dylan’s career:

“It takes only one listening to realize that Slow Train Coming (Columbia Records) is the best album Bob Dylan has made since The Basement Tapes (recorded with the Band in 1967 but not released until 1975). The more I hear the new album — at least fifty times since early July — the more I feel that it’s one of the finest records Dylan has ever made. In time, it is possible that it might even be considered his greatest.”

Wenner’s review seems to diss his late 70’s work (which many fans — including myself — consider rich and underrated) but without doubt Slow Train did reverberate with power. No one questions the production values of this first of Dylan’s three “Gospel” albums. His passion for this work comes through in its attention to detail throughout.

When he took it to the road, this shift to a Christian viewpoint may have been off-putting to many of his fans that year, but it wasn’t the first time he encountered boos. My brother and his wife attended a Philadelphia Dylan concert at the time in which their third row seats were directly behind a row of drunks who spent quite a bit of energy hurling abuse toward the stage.

This song came to mind while I was doing a series of pen, brush and ink illustrations for a logo my daughter had asked me to design. After completing the farm animals it was a simple matter to make the bear and the snake.

Though the song has had its detractors, in the grand scheme of things Dylan must have liked it as he performed “Man Gave Names” in concert 155 times from 1979 at the Warfield (where the photo above was taken) to Stockholm, Sweden in 1991.

For me the song was fun the very first time I heard it, and is fun to this day. As in all his songs it isn’t just the words, but how he sings them that makes them enjoyable or thought-provoking or whatever. In this case, fun. “He saw milk comin’ out but he didn’t know how. ‘Ah, think I’ll call it a cow.’” That little “ah” pause makes it hilarious. Like Adam is thinking about all…



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