More Clickbait Headlines I Refuse to Click On

I used to think Inc. was a publication for entrepreneurs.

Chirps. Photo by the author.

Flipboard headlines from March 25

Duke’s Zion Williamson Kept Repeating 1 Word After Last Night’s Victory. It Teaches a Major Lesson in Emotional…

Want to Raise a Happy, Successful Child? A 43-Year Study Says You’ll First Have to Overcome This

Mark Cuban Says There Is Only 1 Reason He will Agree to a Business Meeting, an…

If You’re Looking to Improve Your Energy and Productivity, Eat The Same Lunch Every Day

Apple Spent Years Planning Its Entry to This $120 Billion Industry. It All Starts at Noon Today.

I’m sure the articles are well-written and offer insights. I just find the headline style abrasive, so I won’t click on them as a matter of principle. How about you? Am I being too finicky?

The feeling I get is something akin to the annoyance I have when I’m being tailgated while stuck behind a truck. I want to say, “Back off, buddy. I have nowhere else to go.” Except in this case I have plenty of places to go.

Alas, there are worse things that can happen. Am I alone in this? I really want to know.

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