My Grandson Told A Joke This Week

He’s not yet two. Maybe the next Seinfeld?

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It’s been said that learning how to be funny is an essential people skill. Whether that’s true or not I do not know. What I do know is that it is fun to come up with something witty once in a while and to see people laugh.

My grandson Wally is approximately 22 months old, and guess what? He made a couple of funny ones recently. Here’s the latest.

Wally is really into trains. Every time we’ve been together, playing with trains becomes something we do together, at least a little.

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For Halloween my daughter Christina was a railroad engine, her husband Joey a railroad crossing, and Wally an engineer. They did some trick or treating around the block.

A couple days ago, he was holding a piece of railroad track in his hand (the kind you see in the picture below) and he got a little gleam in his eye like he was thinking something. Then he looked up and said, “Track Or Treat.

My daughter replied, “Did Wally make a joke?”

Wally says, “ Joke! Track or Treat.”

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It was a couple weeks earlier that Wally made his first joke. He placed a rock on the seat of a chair and said, “Rock-in-chair.”

My opinion? This kid is going places.

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