My Lucky Day

I’m not making this up.

Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash

So, I’m checking my mail, and guess what? Everyone is giving me money.

First I got this notice:
We wanted to remind you of the settlement payment that may have came in for you from a class action lawsuit. Hit your link below to recover what is reserved in your name.

Then I got this one:
Member, this is our second attempt to reach out to you! We think that you may be the WINNER of $50,000! Please click below to discover if you’ve won.

Then I got this big break:
Congratulations! After careful consideration, you’ve been hired to work part-time, online. This opening pays $5,700/month, so rush to your link to verify your new salary.
Sincerely, Your Employment Specialist | Lonna

This was next:
We’ve done all the work to hook you up with this $1,000 BANK OF AMERICA Visa Card. It’s now up to you to VERIFY IT using the requests attached!

Followed by this:
I’ve been attempting to contact you. I think you are going to LOVE the Amazon Order that’s been ready for you! Please use your link to finalize the details to have it headed your way.

Finally, one more:
Member, this is our 2nd attempt to reach out to you. A large relief payout from 2016 may still be OWED to YOU. Hit your link to discover just how much you have coming your way and claim your check!

To be honest, if things come together regarding the Nigerian matter (Someone important is dropping 53 million dollars into my account. I sent him my bank account numbers and it will be discreetly deposited $100K a week.) then I will probably not follow up on these other offers. I’ll have more than I know what to do with right soon, I believe.

How’s your day going? Nothing like a windfall to put a little spring in your step. Hope your dreams come true soon, too.

An avid reader who writes about arts, culture, literature & other life obsessions. @ennyman3 Look for my books on Amazon

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