Nice. Stimulated thoughts.

a. I have been a Mac guy since 1987. I love my MacBook Pro laptop for the convenience it offers.

b. As for standing desks… We had several people where I worked who used standing desks.

c. My favorite writing posture is tilted back in my easy chair, laptop on my lap. If I am writing at home all day I switch from easy chair to office desk, where I sit in a chair. :-) My office has a large window facing west, and my chair faces west. We have a rural setting with no neighbors in sight.

d. I liked the title of this piece: My favorite Things. When I built my first website in ’95 I created a page called My Favorite Things. I wasn’t thinking tech at the time. You can see it here:

e. I’m so old school when it comes to writing. I dislike tools that help with grammar and spelling and whatever else they do. I mean, technology. The “tools” I used when developing as a writer were The Elements of Style and a Thesaurus and Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations. ( and WikiQuotes have replaced the latter two.) I studied grammar and learned how to spell and like the freedom to go anywhere with what I write. Maybe I just have gotten tired of learning new things. I tried every social media experience for years, taught myself HTML in ‘94-’95, tried out RSS and all the things that came along that were hot for a moment. Alas…

Thanks for the thoughts… and have a rewarding Thanksgiving. Do you eat standing up, too?

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