Notes from a Grey Notebook

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” — Leonardo da Vinci

Photo courtesy Andrew Perfetti Photography.

Was doing some cleaning today. Came across a grey notebook with miscellaneous undated entries circa 1999. There were several pages of notes pertaining to my then unpublished novel The Red Scorpion, and a three page summary of my evening in Hollywood when two wheels were stolen off my rental car. Here are a few of the other extracts.

1. Winning a million dollars involves no skill, no duplicatable formula, whereas creating a million dollars is highly instructive and empowering. Learn how to create wealth and you can do much good.

2. Slogans:
“Show me the money.” ~ from Jerry Maguire
“Where’s the beef.” ~ from Burger King campaign
“Remember who you are.” ~ from Lion King

3. It’s humbling to admit our insufficiency. We are weak and desperately needy. Yet so often we forget. But God does not and provides us a family, friends, a community as gift… to strengthen, encourage, give hope.

4. Preach to broken hearts and you’ll always be up-to-date.” ~ advice to Robert Schuller when in seminary.

Blustery winds driven by trembling fortunes
and foreign experiences within the galaxies;
the concept of attraction denies
the existence of meaningless motions.

Motion is purpose, fueled by desire…
illuminating the void.
Apathy is a black hole sucking energy
and matter into nothingness.
The complacency of fools destroys them.

6. Interesting note:
Fear, the opposite of complacency.
explore this thought

Mapped Life. Illustration by the author.

7. Idea for a book
Letters to My Daughter
~ Fame and Ambition
~ Success
~ Love
~ Hardship
~ Suffering
~ Attitude
~ Wholeness
~ Balance

8. Keep your eyes on the prize, and your back to the wind.

9. On Gambling
I’ve never seen anyone who bought a house or car with gambling money. I’ve seen plenty who lost a car and two who lost homes.

10. Planet Sandtrap
Gambling, Drinking, Drugs, Sex
(source: Robert Lookup)

11. Learning Rage: Nature or Nurture
explore this idea

12. “No one ends at himself,
each one is an all in all
in another all,
in another one.

The other is contained in the one,
the one is another:
we are all constellations.”

~ Octavio Paz

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